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EMPLOYER: Carleton Condominium Corporation #105




2021 May 22


Building manager

The Building Manager assists the Property Manager with the upkeep and on-going maintenance of the property in all areas including but not limited to the following. This document will evolve and change when the Building Manager becomes familiar with the job. 


One of the most important responsibility for the Building Manager will be to ensure that the Rules, Declaration, and By-laws of the Condominium are being followed and enforced, when necessary. 


Qualities of a Building Manager

Self-starter; leadership and management skills; strong supervisor skills; experience working with budgets and understanding Financial Statements; excellent computer skills which includes, MS package, internet searches, emails, zoom meetings, etc.; strong organizational skills which includes staff and work project scheduling; good “handy man skills”; multi tasker; ability to identified deficiencies when contracts are not completed.


Owner Relations

You are expected to maintain formal, cordial and respectful relationships with Owners and their Tenants at all times. Should you disagree with a building Resident refer them to your Property Manager immediately. 


“Ownership” of the Job

The Building Manager takes full responsibility for all actions of his staff and contractors on the site. When a job needs to be done whether it’s an emergency or not, the Building Manager makes sure the job is completed whether during business hours, evenings or weekends and the work is done properly. 



The Building Manager supervises a staff of four (4) people. One full time maintenance worker (8 hours/day 5 days per week), one full time custodial worker (8 hours/day 5 days/week), one part time, (8 hours/day, 3 days/week) office clerk and one part time (1 day/week 8 hours) cleaner. 


The Building Manager is responsible to supervisor the staff, provide direction when needed, work schedules and replace staffing when necessary or during vacation time. Staff evaluations will be developed and prepared on a regular basis and staff files should be updated and maintained in a locked and secure file cabinet.




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On-call Availability

The Building Manager will be on-call for the building 24/7. The Building Manager will carry the emergency cell phone, unless designated to Maintenance Worker. If there is an emergency (fire, flood, break-ins etc.) that is serious in nature, the Building Manager will attend the site and supervise. The Property Manager will be informed of the emergency immediately and will attend the site, if he deems necessary.


Housekeeping of the Common Areas including Waste Management 

The Building Manager is responsible for all of the housekeeping which involves indoor cleaning and maintenance. You are responsible for the maintenance including the cleaning of the laundry facilities, the floors and carpets, pest control facilitation within suites and common areas and general cleaning procedures. 


The Building Manager is also, responsible for all of the garbage and recycling in the building and the Commercial Properties. The bins at the residential building are picked up on a schedule once a week and the Commercial Properties have their own schedule. The Building Manager needs to familiarize himself with the schedules and the routine of organizing the garbage for pickup and ensure it is being picked up by the contracted company. 


Minor Repairs “Handy Man skills”

You are responsible for minor repairs in the common areas. Areas of responsibility include but are not limited to the following repairs: drywall repairs (minor) and painting including touch-ups, verification of heating, cooling and ventilations systems, tap repairs, door repairs, trouble-shooting of common element appliance problems, minor floor repairs, filter replacement and mechanical maintenance as directed.


Look / Listen / Touch Inspection

The least expensive and most effective method of maintaining a building is to correct minor problems before they become major problems. That includes all equipment in the building should be checked at least weekly and “Look/Listen/Touch Inspection Forms” are available from your manager.

If you are unsure of the proper usage for building equipment request assistance from your supervisor in the proper usage prior to using the equipment.


The Building Manager will do a “walk through” of the building regularly to ensure the garage door mechanism is running smoothly and no faulty parts are showing, check for small water leaks, parts that are rusted out in various areas in the building, ensure the elevator doors and B1 hallway walls are not overly scratch and no damage showing, light bulbs needing changing, doors not closing properly, mats old and need replacing, etc.



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Grounds keeping and Garage Inspection

The Building Manager is responsible to ensure that the site is kept free of litter at all times. He is also responsible for the Snow Removal Contractor that they remove the ice and snow when needed and his staff remove the ice and snow immediately from all walks and emergency exits and other areas identified on site. The areas should be properly salted as necessary. Ice and icicles are to be removed from overhangs, canopies and roofs. 


The garage will be cleaned yearly by a contractor and inspected visually monthly by building staff to ensure owner compliance to the rules. 


Fire and Emergency Systems

You should be knowledgeable about the Fire Safety Plan (if one) and the Emergency Plan for your building and their location at the site in case of a fire. 


Managing On-going Contracts for site Services

The Building Manager will be responsible for many on-going and new maintenance and preventive maintenance contracts for the site. He will review and update the contract list yearly with the new pricing and terms and conditions of these contracts. Requesting quotes and evaluating the quotes will be done to ensure the contractor provides the most cost-effective services at the best price.


Purchase Order System

The Building Manager will ensure that all requests from the building to a contractor/vendor will have a “Purchase Order” attached. The purchase order will be filled out by the Office Clerk @ ccc#105, room 100 and forwarded to the Property Manager by email every time there is a request. Invoices from contractors/vendors must be signed by the Building Manager as to whether the goods were received or services performed. Once signed they are forwarded to the office to be attached to the purchase order and send for payment.



The Building Manager will be asked to attend meetings when requested by the Property Manager or the Board. These meetings could be informal or at formal Board meetings. Information may be requested regarding the building operations which must be presented in a formal computer document. 



Reporting Hierarchy

The Building Manager reports to the Property Manager and President. Should other Board Members request your services in the absence of the President their requests will be followed.


The Property Manager will be your supervisor. This includes helping you to set work priorities, scheduling CCC# 105 staff for projects, giving direction on contracts/projects, providing assistance when necessary or when needed to complete a project on time, giving advice, oversite and the ultimate responsibilities for all project completion will be the Property Manager. If there are any problems arising between your positions, Property Manager and Building Manager both parties will bring forward the problem or issue immediately to the attention of President and/or Board for resolution. 




START DATE: 06/01/2021

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