Sushi Maker

EMPLOYER: Naoki Sushi (Walmart)


This chef acts as the leader of the counter. In addition to making sushi and overseeing all counter aspects, they are responsible for the inventory orders and general management of the team. They track sales and losses and plans corrective actions to be taken on a regular basis. Some responsibilities include:

Take the morning temperature

Take inventory of sold products in the morning

Cook the rice / check and note PH level

Cut vegetables, general preparation

Prepare fried products

Cut sushi / assemble trays

Affix labels on food boxes / packaging;

Maintain material and work equipment

Plan the daily production

Prepare sushi (roll)

Prepare meals according to customer requests

Answer questions from customers and inform them about the different products

Take the weekly inventory

Make weekly orders

Perform other related duties related to counter management

Act as the leader of the counter

Act as primary contact with the director of operations

Participate in conference calls

Schedule counter staff

Track sales with the director of operations

Participate in the training of other chefs


Passionate about sushi

Independent, responsible and good sense of aesthetics

Good team spirit, flexible and meticulous

Customer and goal oriented

Food Handler is an asset but will be required once hired

Sushi experience an asset

Management experience an asset

Ideally, has a car and driver�s license

START DATE: 01/07/2020

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