Physics Teacher

EMPLOYER: Resolute Center


Physics Teacher


Job Overview


Resolute center is looking for part-time instructors with deep understanding of Physics to teach the subject to children between the ages 16-18. Ideal candidate will teach Physics to students striving to acquire broader than the current Ontario curriculum knowledge. Their duties will be as follows:

  • Prepare and present courses that provide high quality Physics instruction to students in relatively small group setting;
  • Uses specific sets of problems to ensure students achieve broad Physics knowledge;
  • Collaborates with administration and families to help identify areas where additional emphasis is required and use appropriate examples to ensure sound knowledge of Physics;
  • Maintains data-based documentation of continuous monitoring of student performance and progress;
  • Provides data about student progress at the end of session and recommendations for improvement;
  • Assists with identifying students for placement in specific groups;
  • Provides diagnostic assessments for students as needed;
  • Provides input for program development;
  • Supports implementation of assessment tools and data management systems.




Successful candidates are either:

  • Knowledgeable student working towards their MSc or PhD;
  • BSc graduates with desire to transfer knowledge to children striving to build a strong Physics fundament.

Passion for education and experience working with kids are more important to us than pure knowledge in the field of Physics. We especially welcome retired teachers with experienced working with upper elementary and high-school students. 


Job Type:                      Part-time

Salary:                          $18.00 to $25.00 /hour

Work Location:              Kanata, ON

Working days:               TBD

Hours per week:            Less than 5

Typical start time:          4:00PM (Weekdays) 9:00AM (Weekends)

Typical end time:           8:30PM (Weekdays) 12:00PM (Weekends)

START DATE: 01/06/2020

Let us know if you are interested in this position. Complete this short form and we will follow up with you promptly.