Community Donation Center Ambassador

EMPLOYER: Value Village


The purpose of this position is to:


  • Receive on site donations according to company procedures and in a manner that positively represents our nonprofit partnership
  • Maintain a clean and well-organized on site donation receiving area(s)
  • Provide support to the recycler (where applicable)
  • Actively engage customers using the Five Elements of the Customer Experience.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities Customer Engagement: 


  • Provides customers with fast, friendly, and helpful service
  • Answers customers� questions or takes the responsibility to find answers for customers
  • Makes eye contact, smiles, and proactively greets and assists customers on the sales floor
  • Acknowledges and greets donors in a friendly, welcoming manner
  • Assists customers with donated merchandise, including unloading donations from vehicles
  • Treats donated items respectfully
  • Tactfully turns away product we do not accept and offers alternative donation location information
  • Communicates the company�s non-profit relationship; and thanks the donor on behalf of the non-profit
  • Invites donors to �come back again� and to encourage their family and friends to do the same


Continually Maintaining Receiving Area: 


  • Prepares the donation receiving area prior to store opening, which includes, but is not limited to preparing OSD receiving carts, setting up signage/directional material, putting out airbell, and stocking receiving area with supplies
  • At closing, brings in all signage/directional material and airbell, clears receiving area of clutter, garbage, and donations.


10% OSD Accountability:


  • Stacks OSD boxes and bags safely and efficiently
  • At the end of the day and during the day when carts become full, accurately counts OSD�s received and labels carts
  • Ensures management team member verifies all OSD labeled cartage
  • Reports any discrepancies found to the management team member


80% Maintaining Cleanliness: 


  • Maintains total cleanliness throughout the OSD receiving area and register-area donation bin. Includes, but is not limited to sweeping floors, emptying trash, cleaning up breakages and spills, and emptying/rotating donation bins when needed.


80% Production Support: 


  • Assists with recycler responsibilities as needed, including, but not limited to supplying all departments with merchandise throughout the day, keeping production flowing, moving sorted merchandise from the sorting tables to individual workstations, providing ample supply of hangers for sorting table and side departments, emptying recycle and trash barrels as needed, moving backstock boxes, bins and barrels as needed, preparing the production room for the following day, and unloading merchandise from trucks and trailers. May be required to operate trash compactor, baler, and/or forklift.




  • Maintains cleanliness and organization of the workstation for safety and the most efficient production possible


Continually Meeting Targets:


  • Regularly meets processing targets as assigned by production manager. Meets with production manager to review results and discuss opportunities in OSDs, and makes changes as directed to improve donations


  • Continually Loss Prevention: Follows loss prevention procedures, including but not limited to reporting internal or external theft to a management team member


Continually Safety:


  • Provides our customers and team members with a hazard-free, inviting environment by following safety guidelines and procedures. This includes picking up loose items on the floor quickly, cleaning up breakages or spills, following product safety guidelines, and taking the responsibility to report these or any other hazard or injury to a management team member. Wears required personal protective equipment when applicable. Continually Percentage of time for these areas may vary according to the primary area of responsibility.

START DATE: 01/29/2020

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