Maintenance Technician

EMPLOYEUR: Smart Living Properties


Position: Maintenance Technician

  1. Reporting Relationships

Position Reports to: Maintenance Supervisor

Positions Supervised: N/A

Upward interactions: Property and Leasing Managers,

  1. Position Summary and Job Magnitude

The Maintenance Services Representative must ensure that the entire building is in safe and good working order at all times. This includes a combination of preventative maintenance tasks, daily repair requisitions, overall security of the building and supporting outside contractors when on site.

  1. Essential Functions and Basic Duties

Preventative maintenance is necessary for all aspects of keeping the building running smoothly. Some of the responsibilities involved with this position include but are not limited to:

  • Daily checks of the building and equipment
  • Checking and replacing filters on equipment as per maintenance schedules
  • Check and track utility meters on daily basis and provide report to supervisor
  • Check all fire extinguishers are at their proper levels and document accordingly
  • Moving and installing various furniture and equipment
  • Any other preventative maintenance as required
  • Overall security of the building, including regular rounds both interior and exterior.

Daily repair requisitions are to be completed in a timely fashion to ensure proper building operation and customer satisfaction. Tasks can include, but are not limited to:

  • Replacing or repairing burnt out lights and fixtures
  • Moving furniture and appliances
  • Basic plumbing repairs and replacements, including unclogging toilets
  • Fixing damaged sections of drywall
  • Maintaining interior finishes, including vinyl wall coverings and painting
  • General janitorial tasks such as garbage collection and spill cleanups
  • Keep detailed records of all work
  • Any other maintenance or janitorial duties as required or asked to perform

The maintenance person's role can be strenuous and requires the individual to be in good physical condition. Physical demands include:

  • Climbing ladders
  • Moving appliances and furniture
  • Repetitive lifting of up to 60lbs
  • Cardio vascular endurance for tasks such as snow removal and climbing stairs
  • Work in confined spaces, including lying or working on knees for up to 30 minute.
  • Ability to grip and manipulate basic hand tools and parts
  • Hand dexterity and fine motor skills for working with small parts
  • Repetitive reaching or working above their head
  • Majority of the working day spent standing conducting repairs and maintenance

Health & Safety

  • Works in compliance with the provisions of the OHSA, regulations and internal policies and procedures and reports any contraventions to their supervisor.
  • Uses or wears the equipment, protective devices or clothing that Campus Living Centres requires.
  • Reports to the appropriate supervisor(s) any hazards, missing or defective equipment or protective device which could endanger any person.
  • Does not engaging in any prank, contest, feat of strength, unnecessary running or rough and boisterous conduct.
  • Reports any risks or potential risks of violence or harassment encountered in the workplace immediately to supervisor.
  • Knows, understands and implements safe work practices and procedures and employs established rules and procedures for handling materials, equipment and processes (eg. Reporting unlabelled containers, using proper lifting techniques, etc.)
  • Requests that worn out or defective equipment be replaced, when appropriate.
  • Uses equipment and materials only in the manner intended.
  • Reports any injuries, incidents and unusual conditions immediately to supervisor.
  • Inspects the work area and equipment daily and reports any hazards immediately to supervisor.
  • Attends all required health and safety training programs (e.g. WHMIS, orientation), and applies knowledge to daily operating procedures at Campus Living Centres.

  1. Performance Measurements

Performance will be primarily measured on the following factors:

  • Initiative
  • Inter-Personal Skills
  • Customer Service
  • Reliability
  • Skill & Knowledge
  • Quality of Desired Results
  • Adaptability & Flexibility
  • Organizing & Planning
  • Overall Performance
  • Health & Safety Responsibilities

  1. Qualifications

Education: High School Diploma, Recognized College Diploma preferred

Skills/Abilities: Knowledge of commercial electrical, plumbing and HVAC systems

Must be competent with general physical plant repairs

Must possess positive attitude towards work and learning

Must be able to handle multiple projects at once

Experience Required: Minimum of 1 year industry experience or equivalent

  1. Working Conditions

Hours per Week: Scheduled 40 hours per week (may need to work more as required)

Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor and some Outdoor

Level of Interruption: High level of interruption

Stress Level: Moderate overall stress level (Peak stress levels in May and September)

Travel Outside of Location: Minimal


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