Traffic control persons

EMPLOYER: People Ready


Peopleready is seeking a number of people who can be dispatched to our client site where they will be assisting the on-site skilled labourers control the flow of traffic around the work being done. They will be working with another traffic control person throughout the duration of their shift. The associates will be using a stop/slow sign to control the flow of traffic, they may have walkie talkies to be in communication with the other traffic control person. They will carry book 7 on them at all times. These books are supplied by Peopleready and previous experience flagging is preferred, however we do offer in-house unpaid training. Ability to stand outside for long periods of time Pay attention to the road and the traffic and communicate effectively with team Willing to be trained as a flagger Punctual so you arrive and work in pairs with other team members Full Personal Protective equipment - boots, hard hat, reflective vest, gloves Vehicle is not required but you must be able to get to the client sites by public transportation if you don't drive.


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