Framers, Construction

EMPLOYER: ABIC Home Systems Installers Corporation


Company Mission:

Excellence in community development and home building through efficiency, optimization and innovation.


Company Values:

  • Grit: A team who perseveres, is resilient and has the stamina and courage to commit to the win.
  • Integrity: We make promises thoughtfully and deliberately and then follow through.
  • Curiosity: We never stop asking questions or challenging ourselves. We have an unquenchable thirst to learn, improve and solve problems innovatively.
  • Strategic: We look around corners and proactively identify potential obstacles. We think critically and make calculated decisions.


Position Description:

Understanding construction site safety and awareness. Report to team leader for framing/penalization task. Following controlled systems and direction in the construction of a panelized home build. Maintaining a productive build time and clean work site daily. Completing and understanding all frame check list and city inspection list and completing in a timely manor.


Key Expectations:

  • Following Health and safety processes at all time.
  • On site construction of floor and truss systems including landings
  • Rigging of walls panels and floors cassettes
  • Installation of wall panels, floor cassettes and truss systems
  • Construction of drops, bulk heads, stud straightening, finished basements and finished stairs.
  • Strict adherence of build sequence
  • Being open minded to innovative building practices
  • Assist in erected full panel home builds
  • Understanding lifting and hoist signs
  • Material management
  • Attending biweekly toolbox talk meetings
  • Maintain a clean work place at the end of every day.
  • Positive working attitude
  • Prompt and consistent work attendance



  • Safety certificates (working at heights, WSIB etc.);
  • Drivers license;
  • Self-motivated;
  • Quick learner;
  • Organizational skills.


How to Apply:


Interested candidates need to apply through our website career portal:


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