EMPLOYER: Communications Security Establishment (CSE)




Reference number: RF-4018
Closing Date: 2021-02-28


Start date is inaccurate. The start date will be determined by the time it will take to get the security check/clearance.

About the Job

Communications Security Establishment (CSE) is Canada's national cryptologic agency. Unique within Canada's security and intelligence community, CSE employs code-makers, codebreakers, and secure system creators to provide the Government of Canada with information technology security (IT Security) and foreign signals intelligence (SIGINT) services. CSE is the national hub for cyber operations to defend Canada and advance national interests and provides technical and operational assistance to federal law enforcement and security agencies.

CSE is currently looking to fill various procurement positions such as Senior Procurement Officers (UNI-07 equivalent to a PG 04) and Senior Procurement Advisors (UNI-08, this level does not have an equivalent PG level in the core) to work in a dynamic and innovative operational environment.

Duties – UNI-07 Level

  • Executes complex contracting and procurement of goods and services for CSE and foreign counterpart agencies.
  • Provides advice and guidance on policies, practices and regulations to clients.
  • Negotiates contracts and resolves problems with suppliers.
  • Gathers information and conducts analysis for special projects and for input into new contracting practices, systems and procedures.
  • Ensures compliance with internal and external (GoC) contracting and procurement policies, regulations and practices by establishing and respecting quality assurance procedures.
  • Monitors changes in, and interprets contracting and procurement legislation, policies, and regulations to identify the need for and advise management and colleagues on the need for changes in current internal practices.

Duties - UNI-08 Level

  • Plans and conducts procurement and contracting for services and/or goods of a complex and/or high dollar value.
  • Collaborates and supports the development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of departmental strategic and business priorities and plans. This includes impact analysis of central agency initiatives, socio-economic factors, and environmental factors, such as government priorities and departmental vision for the assigned contracting and procurement portfolio.
  • Formulates and develops procurement solutions for new and ongoing initiatives for consideration by senior management and/or clients, outlining approaches, defining risks and benefits to determine feasibility and presents recommendations to senior management and/or clients to assist them in the implementation of new complex initiatives.
  • Provides strategic early client engagement to support clients’ short and long-term procurement plans and determines and develops appropriate procurement strategies including opportunities to consolidate requirements, identifying future or additional requirements and determining the appropriate contracting authority and procurement vehicle.
  • Collaborates and assists in the development of contractual documents such as Statement of Work/Requirements and evaluation criteria.

Salary Range

Salaries range from $78,001 to $97,942, depending on the level.


All jobs are in Ottawa, Ontario. This selection process will be used to staff positions within the Edward Drake Building (1929 Ogilvie Road). This location meets current accessibility standards.

Language Requirements

UNI-07 - Various language requirements (English Essential and *Bilingual Imperative BBB/BBB)
UNI-08 - *Bilingual Imperative BBB/BBB

*Non-imperative staffing options may be considered but preference could be given to those who clearly meet the bilingual requirements.

Area of Selection

Open to persons employed in the Federal Public Service in the National Capital Region.

Required Qualifications

You must clearly demonstrate in your application how you meet these required qualifications:

Education - UNI-07 & UNI-08

  • A Secondary School Diploma or equivalent.

Experience – UNI-07 Level:

  • Recent and significant* experience in planning and delivering contracting and procurement requests for goods and services.
  • Recent and significant* experience in developing contractual documents including statements of work, evaluation criteria and requests for proposal and/or preparation and execution of competitive tendering and/or sole source contracting.
  • Recent and significant* experience in providing advice and guidance to clients on the procedures and policies related to procurement of goods and services.
  • Recent and significant* experience in ensuring compliance with internal and external contracting and procurement policies, regulations and practices.

*“Recent and significant experience” is defined as having performed the duties for a minimum period of three (3) years within the last six (6) years.

Experience – UNI-08

  • Recent and significant* experience in planning and delivering varied procurement activities such as development of procurement strategy and plans, assisting in the development of statement of work and evaluation criteria, bid evaluation, contract administration/management and issue resolution.
  • Recent and significant* experience in providing advice and guidance to clients, management and team members on procurement issues and strategies.
  • Recent and significant* experience in ensuring compliance with internal and external contracting and procurement policies, regulations and practices.
  • Recent and significant* experience in consulting and liaising with various internal and external stakeholders on contracting and procurement policies and procedures.

*“Recent and significant experience” is defined as having performed the duties for a minimum period of four (4) years within the last seven (7) years.


Technical competencies

  1. Contracting and Procurement Knowledge

Obtaining assets and services that ensure best value to Crown. (UNI-07 – Level 4, UNI-08 – Level 5)

  1. Knowledge of Legislation, Standards, Acts and Policies as they apply to Contracting and Procurement. (UNI-07 & UNI-08 - Level 4)

Behavioural competencies

  1. Interactive Communication

Communicating in a compelling, honest, persuasive, effective and articulate manner, thinking about who you need to communicate with, ensuring the message is clear, understood & consistent with CSE objectives. (UNI-07 – Advanced level)

  1. Working in a Team

Demonstrating effective interpersonal skills & working cooperatively and effectively within & across organizational units to achieve common goals. (UNI-07 – Advanced level)

  1. Cognitive Thinking Skills

Responding to challenges with innovative solutions, products or services by questioning conventional means, using intuition, experimentation & fresh perspectives; understanding, analyzing, synthesizing and relating complex information and abstract variables. (UNI-08 – SME level)

  1. Service

Identifies & responds to current & future client needs; provides service that meets or exceeds clients' expectations. (UNI-08 – SME level)

Leadership competencies

  1. Achieving Results

Deliver on commitments through actions that reflect personal accountability, sound judgement, decisiveness & business acumen. (UNI-07 – Advanced level)

  1. Change and Innovation

Create a culture where flexibility & openness to new ideas are encouraged. Lead transformation with courage & conviction. (UNI-07 – Advanced level, UNI-08 – SME level)

  1. Lead and Motivate

Inspire commitment to achieve performance excellence by creating excitement about the work & demonstrating personal conviction, strength of character & belief about the team. (UNI-08 – SME level)

  1. Collaboration

Build relationships with traditional & non-traditional partners & stakeholders to develop solutions that reflect the interests of the organization. (UNI-08 – SME level)

Asset Qualifications

You should clearly demonstrate in your application any specialized expertise that apply to you, as it will be used to determine which team you could best complement within CSE.

Specialized Expertise – UNI-07 & UNI-08

  • A university degree or college degree or diploma in commerce, business administration, supply chain management or another related field.

Application Process

Who Can Apply

You must be a Canadian citizen, be eligible for a Top Secret security clearance and be willing to comply with CSE’s own security policies and standards.

Security Requirements

You must have no criminal record. The screening process involves a:

  • security interview
  • polygraph test
  • psychological assessment
  • background investigation covering a minimum of your last 10 years history, including credit and financial verifications.

How to Apply

For additional information and to apply please go to:

START DATE: 06/01/2022

Let us know if you are interested in this position. Complete this short form and we will follow up with you promptly.