EMPLOYER: Communications Security Establishment (CSE)


Language Requirements

English Essential


Required Qualifications

You must clearly demonstrate in your application how you meet these required qualifications:



You must have either one of the following:

  • A University degree in a field related to the position, such as (but not limited to): Computer Science, Engineering (e.g. Computer, Software, Electrical) with a strong math background, Mathematics with programming courses
  • An acceptable combination of education (i.e. college diploma, professional certification) in a field related to the position (as above) and relevant experience.

The educational program must be recognized in Canada and you must be able to provide proof of education credentials. Students graduating within the next twelve (12) months are eligible to apply.



  • Recent* experience developing software using a language such as C, C++, Java, Perl, or Python.
  • Recent* experience applying analytical skills on difficult problems.
  • Recent* experience communicating the results of your work to various stakeholders (e.g. peers, supervisors).
  • Knowledge in one or more of the following: algebra, discrete math, computational number theory, probability and statistics, combinatorics, or cryptography.

*For the purposes of this selection process “Recent” is defined as experience having normally been acquired within the last five (5) years.



Technical competencies

  1. Advanced Knowledge of Mathematics

Knowing, developing, and applying mathematical theories, principles, concepts, techniques, and tools

  1. Knowledge of Cryptanalysis

Developing and applying cryptanalytic theories, principles, and concepts to solve problems.

  1. Application Development

Knowledge and ability to design, define, construct, enhance, support, and maintain application software on one or more platforms.

  1. In addition, UNI 08 candidates must successfully demonstrate one (1) technical asset competency and UNI 09 candidates must successfully demonstrate two (2) technical asset competencies. Technical asset competencies are found under “Asset Qualifications”.


Behavioural competencies

  1. Interactive Communication

Communicating in a compelling, honest, persuasive, effective, and articulate manner, thinking about who you need to communicate with, ensuring the message is clear, understood & consistent with CSE objectives.

  1. Cognitive Thinking Skills

Responding to challenges with innovative solutions, products, or services by questioning conventional means, using intuition, experimentation & fresh perspectives; understanding, analyzing, synthesizing and relating complex information and abstract variables.

  1. Service

Identifies & responds to current & future client needs; provides service that meets or exceeds clients’ expectations.

  1. Working in a Team

Demonstrating effective interpersonal skills & working cooperatively and effectively within & across organizational units to achieve common goals.


Leadership competencies

  1. Achieving Results

Deliver on commitments through actions that reflect personal accountability, sound judgement, decisiveness & business acumen.

  1. Collaboration

Build relationships with traditional & non-traditional partners & stakeholders to develop solutions that reflect the interests of the organization.

  1. Integrity, Respect & Awareness

Create & promote a culture of integrity, transparency, fairness & respect. Recognize one’s own areas of personal & professional strength as well as areas for development & is committed to continuous learning to enhance self-awareness.



Who is eligible:

You must be a Canadian citizen, eligible for Top Secret security clearance, and be prepared to comply with CSE security policies and standards.

Security Requirements:

You must not have a criminal record. The selection process includes a security interview, polygraph exam, psychological assessment, and a ten-year background investigation, including a credit check and financial check.


Asset Qualifications

You should clearly demonstrate in your application any specialized expertise that apply to you, as it will be used to determine best addition within CSE.



  • Graduate Degrees (Master’s or PhD) in Mathematics or Computer Science


Specialized Expertise

  • Experience with mathematical programming, including use of C, C++ or Python or software packages such as Sage, Maple, Mathematica
  • Experience with network protocols, and protocol analysis tools such as Wireshark
  • Demonstrated interest in cyber security;
  • Experience in Software Reverse Engineering;
  • Demonstrated interest in post quantum cryptography and or quantum information theory;



Candidates may be assessed on one or more of the following asset competencies:


Technical competencies

  1. Knowledge of Parallel Programming

Understands and applies general concepts linked to parallel programming.

  1. Research

Understanding what information is needed, how to locate and collect the data from appropriate sources and analyze it to make recommendations and prepare policies.

  1. Network Analysis

Applying understanding of networks to identify, develop and implement network exploitation solutions.

  1. Signals / Protocol Analysis

Applying understanding of electronics and telecommunications systems to identify and resolve problematic signals and protocols from analog and digital data.


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