Truck/Delivery Driver

EMPLOYER: Aries Contracting (Ottawa) Inc.



You will be employed as a truck/delivery driver. Your employment will consist of a three-month probationary period. In your capacity you will be responsible for the typical duties and responsibilities of that position consisting of, but not limited to, trucking materials/equipment to and from jobsites, material pickup at vendors, general warehouse maintenance, and assisting with inventory tracking, together with any other duties or tasks that may be assigned by Aries Contracting. We expect you to perform your duties and responsibilities to the best of your ability and with the highest level of professional skill, knowledge, and ethics, and to faithfully and diligently serve Aries Contracting and its clients. 


Hours of Work

Your regular hours of work (“Regular Hours”), including an unpaid lunch-hour, will be as follows:

Monday to Friday        7:00 AM to 3:30 PM, this includes a ½ hour lunch that is not paid.

As you are aware, because of the nature of Aries Contracting’s business, your actual hours of work may at times vary somewhat from your Regular Hours, and they are dependent on client and business demands. Aries Contracting reserves the right to amend your Regular Hours of work from time to time. If we make a significant permanent change in your Regular Hours of work (i.e. an increase or decrease of more than 5 hours per week), we will give you advance notice.


Probationary Period

The first three (3) months of your employment shall be considered probationary (the “Probationary Period”). This will allow us time to assess your fit within Aries Contracting, and in turn it will also allow you a period of time to determine if you are comfortable working with Aries Contracting. During the Probationary Period, Aries Contracting may terminate your employment without notice or pay in lieu of notice.


Wage and Benefits

Your wage will be $21.00 per hour, less deductions required by law. Payment will be made in accordance with our normal payroll practice.

At the conclusion of your probationary period, you are eligible for employee benefits through Equitable Life of Canada as well as $40.00/week matched RSP contributions to Investors Group.



You will be entitled to two weeks vacation annually, prorated for any part years.  Your four percent vacation amount is paid out to you weekly. Such vacation may be taken at such time(s) as approved by Aries Contracting


Requirements for employment:

  • Clean driving record
  • Able to pass security clearances for Public Works sites
  • WHMIS and other training cards an asset

START DATE: 09/16/2021

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