Regional Service Coordinator (Dispatch) (Jobvite# 1929)

EMPLOYER: Ainsworth Inc.


Position Summary :

This position provides a high level of customer service support to meet internal and external customer requirements. Coordinating the completion of service work, this role works collaboratively with team members to ensure the administration of multiple back-office processes and ensures the service delivery cycle flows accordingly and client requirements are met. The Coordinator fully supports the Service Team and provides field technicians with the necessary tools and information required to deliver on the expectations of our clients.



  • Receive requests for service from customers and record all details in an accurate manner.
  • Schedule jobs, including all necessary access, at the direction of the Dispatcher.
  • Source materials and tools, arrange sub-contractors, and coordinate deliveries.
  • Provide assistance and support to the technicians in the field.
  • Control the activities of the drivers and warehouseman.
  • Assist with control and direction of the technical staff on a day-to-day basis.
  • Control building key lock-up and update building access information in computer.
  • Answer the telephone in a courteous, professional manner.
  • Record new service calls in the computerized dispatch system, and immediately notify dispatch of any specific details including time and date committed for the work.
  • Contact customers to schedule work, as directed by the Dispatcher. Dispatch will provide guidelines for required technicians, technician availability, anticipated duration of work (if unknown), and desired dates and times.
  • Draft and distribute notices (water interruption, suite access, parking stall vacant, etc.) when required.
  • Source material from suppliers, issue purchase order, and track in computer system.
  • Arrange assistance of a technical nature when required or requested. Assistance may be provided by the  Dispatcher, the Service Manager or a senior technician, or suppliers, manufacturer’s, or technical support if  necessary.
  • Provide information concerning the location of wholesalers, rental shops, sub-contractors, or other resources which may be requested by the men in the field.

START DATE: 06/27/2022

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