Grill Clerk

EMPLOYER: Adonis Group Inc.


The clerk of the grill department reflects the good image of the company with exceptional customer service, while ensuring to always offer fresh and quality products. They work in collaboration with the members of his team, under the direction of the department manager. They will comply with hygiene and food safety standards, as well as health and safety regulations.


  • Health and safety and food hygiene:
  • Respect the dress code and personal hygiene of the store;
  • Comply with safety standards and wear personal protective equipment where appropriate;
  • Follow food safety procedures in accordance with the department's requirements;
  • Work to avoid food contamination: hand cleaning, clean uniform, wearing a hair and beard net;
  • Supply the displays and ensure their aesthetics and cleanliness;
  • Help control inventory levels to minimize excess or insufficient inventory;
  • Complete the food loss form at the end of the shift;
  • Make sure food is stored at the right temperature according to food hygiene standards
  • Advise and answer customer questions about the various Adonis products;
  • Prepare meals and foods requested by the customer and make suggestive sales if necessary;
  • Rotate products to ensure quality and freshness;
  • Check that the temperature of the refrigeration units or stoves is adequate;
  • Notify the manager in the event of a defect in equipment;
  • Keep the department and equipment clean at all times;
  • Communicate with other departments for the transfer of food (butchery, fruits and vegetables, kitchen, etc.);

Other related tasks.                                                                                   

START DATE: 08/24/2022

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