Full Time Overnight Maintenance Staff

EMPLOYER: McDonald's Restaurant


Duties include but not limited to:  


*Sweeping, mopping all floor surfaces

*Cleaning and changing fryer oil

*Cleaning grills

*Cleaning tile walls, polishing stainless steel

*Cleaning washrooms

*Daily and weekly maintenance of small equipment

*Changing inside and outside garbage bins


*Full Training is provided, includes one free meal per shift and 50% discount for personal use only at all other times.  Uniforms provided (except for work shoes).  Candidate must be self-sufficient and able to carry out tasks by following same routine each shift.  This position is available in three of our locations (Palladium Drive, March Road and Terry Fox/Hazledean Rd.).  Please email Wendy directly using email address below.



START DATE: 05/29/2023

Let us know if you are interested in this position. Complete this short form and we will follow up with you promptly.