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EMPLOYER: Glen Cairn United Church



Glen Cairn United Church

Kanata, ON



$18 an hour


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Shift & schedule

Weekend availability

Monday to Friday


Full Job Description

Duties of the Custodian Priority List for Daily Cleaning

Dependent on the areas being used in the church, the daily tasks may differ from day to day. Please check the calendar for usage and updates. 


Monday to Friday

● Spot check all classrooms and offices including sanctuary, lounge, kitchen, and main hall. 

● Main Hall sweep and wash if required. 

● Kitchen sweep and wash as needed. Check and wipe counters as needed. 

● Entrance ways x 3 - sweep and wash as needed. Windex glass doors and sanitize door handles. 

● Vacuum carpeted entrance areas and busy traffic areas as needed. 

● Washrooms x 3– daily sweep and wash floors, clean toilets, sink, and surface areas. Check and wipe partition doors. Stock hand towels, toilet tissues, Kleenex and soap as needed. 

● Classrooms: sweep, wash or vacuum classrooms and lounge as needed. 

● Garbage containers- collect garbage daily from all areas including washrooms and place in one bag. 

● Offices- check garbage containers. 

● Shovel / sweep entrance ways under porticos to deter snow and debris from entering building. 


Weekly Tasks

● Restock items as required and order supplies. 

● Garbage take out at curb by early Thursday morning including compost 

● Foyer/ lounge, offices and sanctuary and sound room- dust horizontal surfaces. 


Occasional Tasks

● Dust door frames, blinds, grills, and heaters. 

● Clean/sterilize garbage cans and recycling containers. 

● Clean boot trays and store seasonally. 

● Replace light bulbs as able/required. 

● Perform minor repairs as able/ required. 

● Carpet cleaning/ spot cleaning as required. 


Weddings and Funerals

The Custodian will have the first refusal option to attend weddings and funerals to provide the following services. 


● Duties would include opening doors one hour before the wedding or funeral, ensuring all washrooms supplies are adequate. 

● Remain on the premises to attend to any emergencies, and lock the doors after the event(  unless other renters are present). Remuneration for this service is according to the GCUC wedding policy. 


General Notes


The custodian will use discretion in prioritizing the daily work to the extent that some tasks will take priority at certain times. 

● Snow shoveling from door entrances will be done on a “as needed basis”. 

● While some vacuuming would normally be done daily, as time permits, it should be focused primarily in area of need particularly after events of higher attendance or activities that leave residue of any kind. More thorough vacuuming will be done before the weekend and significant events such as weddings, funerals, etc. 

● In wintertime, slush collecting mats will be placed at entrances. The shop vac could be used to vacuum water and grit with care taken to filter grit from the water when disposing of it. 

● Other custodial suggestions may be offered from time to time by the Property Manger, Ministry and Personnel Rep for the custodian, office staff, and / or individuals who are most active around the premises. 

● Early (7/8 am) cleaning is preferred to prepare for the morning renters. This time frame may vary dependent on late morning rental schedules. 


GCUC Custodian Job Description 


We are looking for a proactive, efficient church custodian who understands and implements proper cleaning methods in addition to respecting the religious and cultural beliefs of others. The church custodian will make sure that all areas of the church accessible by the public are clean and ready for staff members and the congregation to use. The church custodian will be able to change light bulbs, vacuum, sweep, wash floors and surfaces, restock items such as toilet paper, paper towels and other supplies. The church custodian will have a knowledge of proper chemical handling and cleaning techniques along with basic repairs. The church custodian will also have first refusal to assist with preparations for events such as weddings or funerals. The successful candidate will be motivated, observant, respectful and committed to church members, visitors, and staff. 


Church Custodian Requirements 


● High School diploma or equivalent

 ● Custodial experience or training may be required. 

● Understanding of cleaning techniques and safety procedures. 

● Ability to lift 30 lbs. 

● Pass a background check. 

● Strong communication, comprehension, and interpersonal skills. 

● Flexibility to adjust their schedule to suit the needs of the church. 

● Motivation to work independently or with others. 



● Monday to Friday 

Ability to commute/relocate: 


● Kanata, ON: reliably commute or plan to relocate before starting work (required) 



● Cleaning: 1 year (required) 

● Janitorial: 1 year (preferred)

Work Location: One location

START DATE: 05/03/2023

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