Indigenous Ingenuity: Timeless Inventions Traveling Exhibit – STEM Communicator

EMPLOYER: Science North


Indigenous Ingenuity is a 100 sqm travelling exhibit that will spend the next 12 months touring locations in Northern Ontario.  In the new year, we are expecting to move into the Northwest to locations such as Thunder Bay and Dryden before ending the tour in Whitefish Lake First Nation.  

The exhibit itself is a smaller version of an exhibit that was produced by the Montreal Science Centre.  The goals of the exhibition are to share and celebrate the ever-evolving world of Indigenous ingenuity while supporting attractions by bringing a changing experience to their location, working with Indigenous Tourism Ontario for mutual support in increasing knowledge, education, and understanding of Indigenous culture and growing partner stakeholder network to increase Indigenous knowledge amongst non-Indigenous people across Northern Ontario.


This job is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.  We recognize that this comes with incredible opportunities and some real day-to-day challenges.  While on tour, you'll get to experience Northern Ontario in a manner not afforded by other jobs.  This is a 100% travelling role with no regular return to a home base, meaning that travel is a requirement of the job.  The compensation for the role does take this into consideration.  You will be travelling with a second Science Communicator for this role.


The successful candidate must have the following:

  • fully bilingual in English/French
  • Valid Class G Ontario (must be Ontario) drivers license
  • Ability to be on the road for 5 months


Elements of the day-to-day include working with partners and shareholders, delivering science programming to school visitors, installing and de-installing the exhibit, driving the truck and maintaining the exhibition.

Science North will cover housing costs/overnight accommodations in the city that you are stationed in or required to stop at along the way for business purposes.  Science North will also provide a 26-foot box truck to ship the exhibit in.


Apply at the link here.

START DATE: 09/09/2023

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