Full Time Residential Counsellor - Rover

EMPLOYER: Tamir Foundation



Working within the philosophy of TAMIR, the Residential Counsellor- Rover is responsible for assisting participants to achieve their personal goals, maintain their best possible health and well- being, and develop skills and a sense of self worth through an individualized support plan created to meet participants’ unique interests and needs.


Under the general supervision of the Program Supervisor this position has responsibility for the day to day support of individuals supported in their homes or in the community by Tamir. All work is conducted in a manner consistent with Tamir’s vision, mission and values and following the principles of the Quality Enhancement (QE) initiative.


  1. Participant Support and Advocacy.
  • Develop a respectful, positive and consistent relationship with participants
  • Learn the personal history, strengths and needs of the participants, as well as their preferences, and assist in the development and implementation of Personal Outcome Plans (POP’s) in partnership with participants, families and others of importance
  • Keep parents, staff and supervisors informed of participant progress and issues on an ongoing basis
  • Advocate with community groups, employers and others in the community to promote the participation of people with developmental disabilities
  • Become familiar with and facilitates participation in Jewish cultural and religious practices and support individuals to participate in other cultural and religious activities of their choice
  • Provide assistance with personal care including nutrition, hygiene, and grooming, maintaining clothing, personal possessions, etc. as required
  • Assist participants in managing personal finances, as required
  • Dispense medications and other treatments, as required, and according to Tamir procedures
  • Promote and maintain the mental and physical health and well being of participants while ensuring a safe and healthy home/program environment
  • Assist participants to become involved in recreational/educational/employment or other interests as identified in their POP
  • Facilitate the development of active, involved support networks for participants
  • Identify, and in conjunction with the Primary Counsellor and/or Supervisor, advocate for change in supports which may impede the realization of participant goals
  • Support individuals to exercise choice and assume responsibility in making decisions in their lives, at the same time balancing the need for safety and security



  • Be familiar with and adhere to Tamir policies and procedures, as well as Ministry of Community and Social Services operational guidelines and relevant legislation
  • Operate under the guidelines of Tamir health and safety policies and procedures and follow safe practices
  • Maintain appropriate documentation for all areas of responsibility, according to established Tamir policies and procedures, for example daily log, accident/incident reports, petty cash and serious occurrence forms
  • Report all unsafe conditions, damages and hazards to the Program Supervisor
  • Maintain complete information for each participant and maintain confidentiality
  • Maintain all mandatory training requirements in a timely fashion, as well as keeping security and medical checks current
  • Perform administrative tasks as assigned by the Program Supervisor
  • Assist with orientation and training of program staff and volunteers


Professional Conduct

  • Promote and demonstrate respect and value for the Jewish culture and religion and the vision and mission statements of the agency within the workplace and in the community
  • Demonstrate positive, respectful and professional relationships within the team including staff, families, volunteers and the community
  • Attend and actively participate in team meetings, eliciting and representing the needs of the participants supported within the program
  • Contribute to a positive work environment, by utilizing effective communication skills, conducting job functions with initiative, enthusiasm and sound judgement, and contributing to the team in an organized and productive manner.
  • Pursue professional development opportunities, as recommended by your supervisor
  • Attend internal training, as required
  • Be punctual and dependable in the completion of assigned duties


Other Responsibilities/Details


  • Will be available to work any shift at any location based on an assigned shift rotation for a minimum of 40 hours per week. The shift rotation will be assigned on hire. Rovers have the right to refuse a shift if they have worked 80 or more hours during that payroll period.
  • May decline extending a shift beyond 8 hours if they have already worked 40 hours for that week. If the 40 hour limit has not been reached, a Rover may decline a request
  • to extend their shift only if they have been given 2 hours or less notice.
  • If a Rover chooses to accept a double shift, the Tamir policy on consecutive hours worked (P&P Manual, section 09) will be followed.
  • Will receive an 8 hour break between shifts and a 12 hour break after an overnight awake shift before being called in again.
  • Will receive a minimum of 6 hours notice when being called in to do an overnight awake shift, where possible. When this is not possible, on-call will make efforts to adjust the shift hours to ensure rover needs and program operations are maintained.
  • Will be assigned to a base supervisor in charge of payroll and performance management.
  • Will be guaranteed two regular days off, per week. These days may be traded between Rovers, with the approval of the base supervisor.
  • Will be scheduled at the discretion of management.
  • Will be paid a minimum of 40 hours per week. The Rover position will receive an additional on-call premium of $100/week.
  • Will be available by telephone at all times during their roving schedule. Messages must be responded to as soon as possible, up to a maximum of one hour.
  • Will have any sick leave taken during a pay period included within their guaranteed 64 hours, but not beyond that amount. 8 hours of sick leave per day is the maximum to be claimed, unless they had been pre-booked for a 12 hour shift.
  • 8 hours of vacation leave per day is the maximum to be claimed.


This job description indicates the general nature and level of work expected. It is not an  inclusive listing of all activities, but is designed to be used in combination with program responsibilities and shift routines. Staff may be asked to perform other duties as required. To ensure that Tamir is able to remain responsive to participants or program needs, job specifications may be changed or altered as required.



Staff may be required to perform any or all of the following duties in the course of their work:

Working with people requiring support to manage emotional, psychological and physical behavioural challenges

  • A risk of exposure to communicable/contagious diseases
  • Completion of general household duties that may require lifting, bending, pushing, pulling, or twisting
  • Lifting, move or transferring people who require mobility assistance
  • Attending to personal needs
  • May be required to work alone
  • Must be able to operate a vehicle



Education and Experience

  • DSW, OR
  • Degree/Diploma in Social Sciences, health administration or related field, and 1 year of experience working with persons with developmental disabilities is preferred OR
  • High school education, with 2 years of relevant experience working with persons with developmental disabilities, is preferred



  • Valid Drivers License with good driving record
  • Current CPR and First Aid Training
  • Crisis Prevention and Intervention Training (preferred - will provide if needed)


START DATE: 11/30/2023

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